“Tapping is a multipurpose technique that has changed my life in a positive way and I am here to help you feel happier with your life.”

Diana Sturm

Somatic tapping is a type of somatic therapy which utilizes the body-mind connection to process emotions in the inner part of the brain, the amygdala. It goes by many names including EFT, TFT, SET, Energy Tapping, and Energy Psychology. It is evidence-based and hundreds of research papers have been published on the technique.

I use the term Somatic Tapping because this name reflects the body-mind connection and how the technique activates the brain. Tapping consists of using the fingers to tap on different spots on the body while making verbal statements. Studies have shown that tapping anywhere on the body can create positive results, but typically tapping is done on different acupuncture points. Acupuncture points have been shown in studies to be connected in a separate system in the body. It is unknown at this time if stimulating these points creates a greater effect or has other positive benefits. But what is known, is that tapping while making verbal statements can release very upsetting emotions quickly and fully.

A “round” of tapping usually consists of tapping on anywhere from 7 to 14 points on the body. The number depends on the therapist and the results from the first 7 points. Tapping is a gentle touch. It is not slapping or punching. The client uses their own fingertips to tap on the points and the client repeats the statements the therapist makes.

Relief can occur after just one round of tapping. Measuring emotions is done with a scale from zero to ten. Zero means there are no emotions or they are neutral. Ten is the maximum for an emotion. If rage is a 10, then annoyance might be a 3 or 4. Relief can mean that a client comes to a session and feels a ten on the scale and after tapping, that number may drop to a 5 or lower. More rounds may continue to reduce the number and eventually it may even reach zero.

Tapping can be used for many things. I use it frequently with clients for trauma but also for negative thoughts that keep popping up in the mind, for releasing vows made to the self, for “I can’t” statements, for feelings of shame or guilt placed upon us by others, for not following or wanting to break free from societal “standards”.

After releasing the upsetting emotions and negative thoughts, tapping can be used to “input” positive feelings and thoughts. It can be used to help relax and fall asleep more easily. It can be used to create uplifting feelings of wonder, happiness and joy.

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