“I love my home state and my hometown. I’m so grateful to Birmingham and Alabama for what it made me.”

~ Jordan Fisher

Vulcan says yes to online therapy in Birmingham. Try it today.

Online therapy services in Birmingham, AL

Online therapy in Birmingham is comfortable for you. It is appropriate for many types of issues including anxiety, some types of depression, PTSD, religious trauma, and other upsetting emotions. It is not recommended for anyone who is suicidal or needs a higher level of care.

What device do I need?

Online therapy works best on a laptop or desktop computer which has a larger monitor. I provide techniques including brainspotting and somatic tapping which require the client to see me easily and for me to monitor the client’s reactions visually. A larger monitor also makes it feel more like we are meeting in person. Clients need to have a private space where they can meet without being disturbed during the session. While pets are welcome, family members should stay out of the room.

Comfort in your space

Clients report they feel online therapy is great because they can be relaxed in their own home. A comfy chair, a snugly pet on their lap, a cup of coffee in their favorite mug, and they are ready for therapy. They have sessions in their safe space in their home and clients say doing so makes them feel more grounded than being in a strange office surrounded by things that are not their things. Online therapy in Birmingham can work for you.

Sessions are goal-oriented in that at the beginning of therapy we set goals about feeling better: more calm, less anger, more happiness, less dissociation, or fewer flashbacks. Then each week we pick one of the goals to work on during the session. We may make a lot of progress in one session or we may barely make any progress. Some goals take much longer to reach than other goals.

Country life & therapy

Online therapy is great also for people who live in rural areas where distance to a therapist is prohibitive. A good internet connection is needed, but if you have that, you can connect. Some people live in small towns where there are no therapists or they would prefer to go to a therapist they don’t know. Some people don’t want the entire small town to know they are going to therapy. Online therapy provides more privacy from prying neighbor’s eyes.

If you think online therapy in right for you, send me an email and we can set up a short 15 minute phone consultation to see if I would be a good match for what you are seeking.