Online Therapy

Tues - Fri: 9AM - 3PM

Hi! I’m Diana.

As a therapist, I consider it a privilege to sit with you while you share your story. Together we can forge a path that will allow you to live your life with confidence, authenticity and passion.

The counseling methods used include:
• Mentalization (to help you understand your feelings and those of others),
• Psychodynamic (to understand the unconscious forces that underlie your thoughts and behaviors which come from early childhood),
• Mindfulness (awareness of present moment without judgment), and
• Cognitive behavioral therapy (which counteracts the negative thinking of anxiety, identifies the problem, and brainstorms solutions).

Techniques used include:
Different somatic (body) tools including: emotional freedom technique and brainspotting. These help to release blocks holding you back from moving forward.

Meditation which includes mindfulness and guided imagery.

Affirmations which are the creation of positive statements used to build confidence and hope.

$150 per 50 minute session.

Credentials & Specializations

Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Educational Specialist in Counseling (Ed.S.)

Brainspotting training phase 1 & 2 2021
Emotional Freedom Technique Trainer 2019

TF-CBT training 2018

Licensed Professional Counselor LPC Alabama #4426; Florida TPMC 1055

Florida Department of Health