Hi! I’m Diana.

Welcome! I’m not sure why you might be looking for a therapist, but thank you for stopping by to learn more about how I might be able to help.

As your therapist, I am grateful that you’ve trusted me with your story. I understand that reaching out to a therapist or counselor is a big first step. We will work together to find the way forward at a pace comfortable for you, so you can live your life with confidence and authenticity.

In our counseling sessions, together we will explore a variety of concepts:

  • understanding your feelings and the emotions of others,
  • how your own past and that of your ancestor’s past have shaped your thoughts and behaviors today,
  • how to stay present and aware of the moment without judgment,
  • using a solution focused perspective to focus on taking steps toward more positive outcomes.

Diana Sturm, learn about Diana on this page.
Diana Sturm and her sidekick. Learn about Diana on this page.

I use techniques that work well for most clients:

  • Using the body and movements of the body to release “stuck” feelings and in some cases even release or reduce physical pain (because all injuries have a physical and emotional component). In our online sessions you will mimic my movements to achieve the desired release. I use Somatic Tapping, Brainspotting, and Parts work.
  • Meditation which includes mindfulness and guided imagery,
  • Affirmations which are the creation of positive statements used to build confidence and hope. These are used after we release the negative thoughts through body movement,
  • If you are interested, we can explore symbolism by looking at your remembered dreams, oracle cards, inner active cards, or tarot cards to determine how the symbolism might relate to what different parts of you are feeling and what you are experiencing in your life.

More About Diana: Credentials & Specializations

Educational Specialist in Counseling (Ed.S.)
Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Brainspotting training phase 1 & 2, 2021
Energy Tapping Trainer, 2019

Asylum Medicine Training Institute Certification
Advanced training at the Immigration Evaluation Training Center & Asylum Medicine Training Institute

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner 2010, Gary Craig

Licensed Professional Counselor LPC: Alabama #4426; Florida TPMC 1055

Florida Department of Health